Re: Zeno's Paradox and the Road to the Optimal/Inevitable Stevan Harnad 21 Nov 2003 13:13 UTC

On Thu, 20 Nov 2003, [identity deleted] wrote:

> I've written to you a couple of times asking for permission to forward
> posts to my serials class list, and you very graciously granted me the OK.
> Now I have a question. I know that in reality things are not so simple as
> the one biggest issue, yet if you had to say what is the biggest obstacle to
> open access, open or self- archives, what would it be? This is not an
> assignment question.  I'm just curious about what you might think.

Good question. I think I can rank-order the at-least 30 obstacles (all
groundless, all easily shown to be groundless), but I can't assign them
absolute weights (i.e., what percentage of the non-self-archived
papers/authors are not self-archived for this reason or for that).

So here is the list which started with
and evolved through "For Whom the Gate Tolls"
to eventually make its way into the Self-Archiving Faq

I have here re-ordered and sub-grouped it to reflect what I think is
the rank-order of the inhibitory effects of the 9 main superordinate

(1) 10. Copyright

(2) 7. Peer review
        5. Certification
        6. Evaluation
        22. Tenure/Promotion
        13. Censorship

(3) 29. Sitting pretty

(4) 1. Preservation
        2. Authentication
        3. Corruption
        23. Version control
        25. Mark-up
        26. Classification
        16. Graphics
        15. Readability
        21. Serendipity
        4. Navigation (info-glut)
        18. Libraries'/Librarians' future

(5) 19. Learned Societies' future

(6) 17. Publishers' future Publishers
        8. Paying the piper
        9. Downsizing
        14. Capitalism
        24. Napster

(7)    20. University conspiracy
            30. Rechanneling toll-savings
            28. Affordability

(8) 12. Priority
            27. Secrecy

(9) 11. Plagiarism Plagiarism

Stevan Harnad

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Dual Open-Access Strategy:
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