backfiles of rare titles?? Pennington, Buddy D. 16 Jan 2004 16:04 UTC

Hi all,

Okay, let the snickering begin.

We have a faculty member that is insistent that we obtain backfiles, in
color, of Vogue (1891-present) and Harper's Bazaar (1867-).  He wants them
to be in color, which excludes microform and reprints as far as I know. I
have indicated that those are two valuable titles that libraries keep
because of their value and that if we did find them, they would be quite
expensive.  However, I am still being charged with investigating the

My initial investigations have pretty much resulted in what I was
expecting.  Of three major backfile vendors I searched, I discovered one
vendor with loose issues ranging from 1995-2003 and two vendors with no
stock of either title.  Ebay listed the same, individual issues and a
couple of bound volumes (both of which looked incomplete).

I was hoping beyond hope that someone out there may know other resources I
can try.  I would like more evidence to press my case that the professor's
demands are pretty unreasonable.  Are there vendors for color reprints or
microforms?  I've never seen them myself but you never know.


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