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This might shed a little light, although it isn't much help to us in figuring out what to do next.  The 2001 volume of this title was, correctly, v.26.  At the beginning of 2002, they started using v.1.  I called their U.S. office at that time and spoke with a very nice gentleman who checked into it and called me back.  He said that there was a new publisher, who decided to restart the numbering.  He had told whoever he spoke to about my concerns about same-volume numbers for different years, and about their getting claims for non-received v.27 issues.  He said they didn't seem to care, and that, while he understood and agreed, there wasn't anything he could do about it.  My consortia cohort and I used v.1 for 2002 instead of v.27.

2003 followed consecutively with v.2, and went along swimmingly until the end of the year, when they started using v.28.  I was hoping they'd continue that numbering by making 2004 v.29,  but it doesn't look like it.  At this point, I almost don't care which sequence they use, as long as they don't keep switching back and forth!  My consortia friend and I are holding a few issues without checking in until we see what they're going to do next.

Is this where the term "serial killer" comes from???

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Subject: Error in post - India Today International
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I have just noticed an error in my original message.  I meant to
Vol. 28 No. 48, not Vol. 28 No. 28.  Sorry for the mistake.



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From: Ken Siegert <>
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We noticed the same thing here at F&M.  I called the publisher and
was told that the "new" volume numbering system of December 2003
not a mistake.  And then I saw the first issue of January 2004!!  I
just called the publisher again (212) 375-0584, and they are not
sure what is going on either.  The gentleman who spoke to me, said
that he is attempting to find an answer.  When he has the answer,
he will contact me.  He asked that I send him an e-mail to put my
request in writing.  Here's the e-mail --    (as in Living Media International Limited New


>Our library has a subscription to India Today International.
>with the Dec. 1, 2003 issue, the volume and number sequencing
>Vol. 2 No. 48 was listed as Vol. 28 No. 28.  This continues until
>Jan 5, 2004 issue, which is back to the original order with Vol. 3
>1.  I have tried to find the reason for this change, but have been
>unsuccessful.  I have contacted the publisher's US Office and have
>received a reply.    Has anyone heard anything about this?  Any
>information would be appreciated.  Thank you in advance!
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