Harvard Management Communication Letter/Negotiation Sally Smith 26 Jan 2004 17:52 UTC

I hope someone can help me with this...

I have received the following information from Harvard Business School Publishing,

"The monthly Harvard Management Communication Letter has changed its name to Negotiation.

Instead of receiving HMCL monthly you will receive Negotiation monthly, and HMCL will be included in that subscription but will only go out quarterly. The premiere issue of Negotiation was the November issue and it is Volume 1, Number 1. "

If we are still going to receive HMCL, it appears that it did not change it's name, only it's publication pattern, and that in addition to the quarterly HMCL we will receive a monthly issue of Negotiation.

Harvard Business School Publishing insists that it is a title change.

For Harvard Management Communication Letter- we have received

v.6:1 Jan  2003-v.6:10 Oct. 2003 and v.1:1 Winter 2004.

For Negotiation-we have v.1:1 Nov 2003, v.6:12 Dec 2003, and v.7:1 Jan 2004.

Can anyone clarify this for me and tell me how you will handle this "title change" in terms of serials records, binding etc.

Thank you,


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