Angewandte Chemie Ken Siegert 27 Jan 2004 16:14 UTC

We have noticed that there has been a change in how the dates are
appearing on the covers of Angewandte Chemie, beginning with Vol. 43
(2004).  This title is published 48 times/year, 4 issues/month.

Previously, the citation date appeared in the bottom left corner of
the cover.  Beginning with Vol. 43 (2004), not only is there a
citation date, but in the upper right corner (below the
volume/issue/year), there is a notation stating which issue of the
month you currently have in hand (ex. 1st January Issue).  This is
rather confusing--

December 22, 2003 = "1st January Issue"
December 29, 2003 = "2nd January Issue"
January 5, 2004 = "3rd January Issue"

I can only imagine that this will only become more confusing as more
issues are published.

How are others handling this title?  We aren't sure if we want to use
the citation date (December 22, 2003) or the notation (1st January

Thank you,

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