Serials Solutions Brief Records Alan May 29 Jan 2004 15:21 UTC


Since a few people have asked me to, I'm responding to the list. My
question was: Is anyone out there using Serials Solutions brief records,
and, if so, how much of a problem have you had with multiple records for
the same title? How much cleanup is involved?

Though I didn't get many responses, I'd like to thank those who did.

One response was from Mike Showalter at Serials Solutions. He can refer
you to other clients who are using brief records and give you some
estimate on the cleanup involved. I'll cut and paste another response below:


We create brief records from the csv Excel spreadsheet included with our
bimonthly update from SerialsSolutions using the process developed by
John Wynstra at the University of Northern Iowa.  He presented this at
the Innovative Users Group meeting last year.

This does result in duplicate title listings in our OPAC but we retain
the material designation [electronic resource] for the brief records and
delete the material designation for our full records.  As far as our
patrons are concerned, it hasn't caused any problems (yet).

Maurine McCourry has been running this process for our library and if
you have any questions feel free to contact her at <>

Good luck!


Alan May
Serials/ Nonbook Cataloger
University Libraries
University of Alabama