Announcing Caliber - new from Univerity of California Press Rachel Lee 29 Jan 2004 20:37 UTC

University of California Press is pleased to announce the arrival of
its new online journal service - Caliber.

California journals at Caliber -

Beginning in January 2004, Caliber will be the new home for the full
family of University of California Press Journals.

The University of California Press is committed to providing its
customers with the most sophisticated and flexible electronic
delivery environment. As a result, the Press is enhancing its web
presence by providing researchers, readers, and librarians with a new
electronic journals service called Caliber.

All University of California Press journals will be available on the
new platform, which will also provide an environment that enables the
integration of multiple content types within and across different
disciplines and formats.

A welcome addition to any library's suite of resources, Caliber will
provide readers with all those features integral to an online
service. Your institution will be able to receive alerts when new
issues are released, review tables of contents, abstracts and, if you
are a subscriber, search and view full-text articles, or arrange for
pay per view. This new platform will also provide the Press with
additional tools that enable dynamic management of electronic content
and thereby cut publication times.

Caliber comes with a proven pedigree.  It is powered by Atypon
Systems, one of the information industry's leading technology
providers and backbone behind Blackwell Synergy, and CrossRef and
provides the quality assurance that comes with COUNTER-compliancy.

We are committed to helping institutions make a smooth transition
from our current hosting service, Ingenta, to Caliber.   For the next
six months all journals will be available on both sites allowing
institutions sufficient time to make the transition to Caliber.

However our current intention is that all University of California
Press journals will ultimately only be available through the Caliber
site. Libraries are encouraged therefore, over the next three months
to migrate their access arrangements from Ingenta to Caliber.

We will be mailing all existing subscribers separately with further
details on how to activate access to Caliber.  Registering with
Caliber early will safeguard your subscription during this transition

The Press's ultimate concern is to ensure that as a valued customer
your institution does not receive any loss of service.

We look forward to serving your information needs with Caliber.
Please feel free to contact us at with
any questions or concerns you might have.