SCCTP Serial Holdings Workshop Corinne Jacox 03 Mar 2004 14:11 UTC

The Nebraska Library Association Technical Services Round Table (TSRT) and
NASIG are sponsoring a Serial Holdings Workshop on Monday, April 26th, from
8:30-4:30 at the Nebraska Library Commission, in Lincoln, NE. The workshop
is one of the SCCTP courses and the trainer will be Mike Wright from the
University of Iowa. Items covered in the workshop will be:

Introduction: The Standards
Overview of MFHD and Fields 001-852
Recording Holdings
Recording Publication Patterns
Recording Textual Holdings
Special Problems; Reinforcement of Concepts; Group Exercies

The workshop is limited to 20 participants. Nebraska participants are given
a priority if their registration is received by March 12th. The registration
deadline for all participants is April 12th. The registration fee for the
workshop is $50 for Nebraska Library Association members and $60 for
participants who are not Nebraska Library Association members. TSRT will
hold its spring business meeting during lunch. There is an additional $8
cost if you would like to purchase a lunch. More information and the
registration form are available on TSRT's website at Please contact Corinne
Jacox if you have any questions (Phone: 402-280-2283, E-mail:

Corinne Jacox
TSRT Chair