Re: Taylor & Francis. Julie Kaufman 03 May 2004 15:18 UTC

We are having what may be a related problem with Taylor & Francis.

It seems that every title we get from them is suddenly being shipped to
the wrong address in our multi-library system. We subscribe to these
titles through a vendor and have been submitting address changes on a
title-by-title basis (per the vendor's preference.)

Julie Kaufman
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Rutgers University

Doyle, Ann wrote:

>We're experiencing the very same problem with them here, Christopher.
>Ann S. Doyle
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>Dear librarians,
>We've been having an extraordinary amount of trouble with our Taylor &
>Francis subscriptions. We order several direct, and the problem seems to
>be that our payments go to their lock box in Chicago, get processed,
>then disappear. I've had to request two copies of cancelled checks from
>our accounting department so far, and I'm afraid there will be others.
>The customer service people have tried to be as helpful as they can, but
>apparently there's no communication between the office in Chicago and
>their customer service department in Philadelphia.
>Are any other libraries having this problem? I think we're going to move
>our subscriptions to a vendor in 2005, but that doesn't help us with the
>current year. And if it's a problem with how Taylor & Francis is
>processing all their payments then I'm concerned switching to a vendor
>won't help.
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