Overlap Analysis from Serials Solutions Marshall, Susan 03 May 2004 16:58 UTC


I expressed my excitement on another list about the
new enhancement to the basic Serials Solutions subscription
but I wanted to make sure everyone who works with serials
knows about this new tool.

It is called the Overlap Analysis Report and it allows you to
compare your journal collection for duplicate subscriptions.
You can compare your current collection against itself
or key in a "what if" scenario if you are looking to add to your collection.
It will compare 2 databases or up to 300 to show your
overlap at the title level.  It does not yet analize at the holdings
level, but they are working on that for the future.

If you are considering a subscription to any of Serials Solutions'
products, I strongly recommend this company.  I believe that
they have their finger on the pulse of our ever-changing
and challenging business. I have found them to be open in the
exchange of new ideas and they respond with technology relatively
quickly that empowers us to be the most effective in our profession.

I view Serials Solutions as an integral partner to my library.

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