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Funny you should post this email just as our Collection Management
Librian and I (the Serials/ER Librarian) are sitting here in my cubicle
trying to find ways to "thin our ranks".  A serious weeding of our
serials is needed but until we develop a weeding philosophy here are a
few methods we are thinking of using for some quick results (we are
under pressure to make room on the Periodical floor for another

-Removing for preservation/storage any items dated 1900 and previous.
-Removing and possibly storing any overlaps between JSTOR and our
hardbound titles.
-Removing and discarding overlaps between our microfilm and hardbound
-Removing and possibly discarding any short and/or incomplete runs.
-Removing and discarding any titles in subject areas no longer taught on

So far it is all theory but we have hopes....
Hope this helps somewhat.
Carmel Yurochko

Carmel Yurochko
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Subject: [SERIALST] weeding serials

I am the serials librarian at Queensborough Community College, part of
the City University of New York, investigating how other libraries weed
their serials collection.

Please send me the details of any weeding project for serials that you
have undertaken or are about to undertake.

I am particularly interested in knowing the criteria used in the weeding

I will summarize and report all of your responses on SERIALST.

I am making a special appeal to community colleges to respond.

Sheila Beck
Serials Librarian
Queensborough Community College
New York City, USA