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Re: Indexes Discarding Werner Lind 13 May 2004 14:41 UTC

We hold on to all of our print indexes (and have kept the seven we subscribe
current) for the same reason.  Computers (especially ours) are not pefectly
dependable; and contrary to optimistic scenarios about the infinite
availability of
fossil fuels to power them, they may not be around as long as the library

"Radcliff, Joyce" wrote:

> Hello Colleagues,
> How many of you are holding onto your Indexes (Readers Guide, Education,
> etc.)?  I'm inclined to hold them since they come in handy when the
> computers are down. Please give me your reasons to hold on to them.  We
> stopped taking them in the late 90's.
> Joyce
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> Sent: Wednesday, May 12, 2004 12:43 PM
> Subject: [SERIALST] Alert and a Question on Gastroenterology Clinics of
> N.A.
> Colleagues:
> First off, the opinions below are my own and not of this instution or is
> its policy.  (That said)
> For those of us familiar with the Saunders (now Elsevier) ... Clinics of
> North America, For at least 2 issues in the last 2 years  Vol 32 # 3
> Sept. 2003 and now Vol. 33 # 1 March 2004,  the Gastroenterology Clinics
> of North America have issued the regular BOUND issue and included an
> Unbound Supplement !
> v.  32 # 3 Theme = Pediatric Gastroenterology
>                 Supplement = Pharmacological principles governing the
> use of Proton Pump Inhibitors: Tailoring therapy to improve GERD
> outcomes The  supplement says it is based on a CME symposium... held in
> 2001 !
> v. 33 # 1 Theme = Non cardiac chest pain
>                Supplement = Maximizing the benefits of antiviral therapy
> for HCV: The advantages of treating side effects. This supplement has a
> CME questions and answers part, has  release, review, and expiration
> dates for the CME activity.
> As we know, the various .... Clinics of North America have a central
> theme for each issue and although we can comprehend a little better than
> the "lay person" what is what, I do not see a connection of either of
> these issues and wonder why the supplements are not included as part of
> a thematic issue?
> Both Supplements are sponsored by different companies.  The articles in
> both supplements are indexed on PubMed, so from now until the end of
> time, someone is going to want to read the articles.
> We had the 2003 supplement bound with the issue because it is defined
> with the issue number and will probably do so with this one.
> I hope that someone at Saunders / Elsevier reads this and forwards on to
> the appropriate people who can come to a consensus about these
> supplements and to either: 1.  Bind the supplement with the issue. 2.
> Bind the supplement separately. 3.  Don't bother to publish the
> supplements at all so there is no indexing. 4. Come up with some other
> way to publish these supplements. 5.  Some possible senario not listed
> above.
> Chances are once supplements are published as they are here, it will
> spread to the other ... Clinics of North America.
> Sorry if my ranting/raving is somewhat incoherent.  I know you will
> figure it out.
> John Lucas
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