Accreditation lists Schleper, Susan P. 14 May 2004 16:37 UTC

Hi all,

We are in the process of reviewing our serials titles for
discontinuation of some subscriptions - times are tough.  We sent out a
survey to all departments asking for their input on what would be there
top/middle/bottom choices.  I'm working with the bottom choices to
compile a list of things to remove.  Not all departments responded and a
few of them - like Physics - have some of the higher priced journals
that have shocking cost-per-use stats.  However, I don't want to cancel
something that might jeopardize a departments accreditation.  Is there
some place/resource that I can access that would give me an idea of what
is needed for accreditation purposes?  Or is it a case of "maintaining a
collection adequate to support the curriculum" kind of thing?


Susan Schleper
Serials Librarian, Assistant Professor
St. Cloud State University
phone: 320 308-5525