Re: Title change? Carol Morse 18 May 2004 15:55 UTC

It seems the publisher never really wanted to change titles on the
inside of the magazine, only on the cover. In July 1999 (v.14, no. 1),
the cover began carrying the title Computer Videomaker. However, the
inside TOC, the paragraph containing issn and frequency, etc., and the
masthead all say Videomaker. The issn never changed (0889-4973). The
same is true now. The Mar. 2004 (v. 18 #9) issue's cover switched from
Computer videomaker to Digital videomaker, but the inside info is still
Videomaker with the same issn (0889-4973).  I see that OCLC has treated
them as title changes, which is why I finally changed in our library
after waiting for over a year. There is a new record now #54435044,
which changes it back to Videomaker. Maybe the other records (#13992449
and #45825443) are in error. But maybe we don't want to worry about that
detail now?

>>> shadle@U.WASHINGTON.EDU 5/17/2004 12:57:04 PM >>>
Carol -- How is the title appearing elsewhere on the piece over the
issues?  --Steve

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On Mon, 17 May 2004, Carol Morse wrote:

> Hello,
> In Feb 2004, Computer Videomaker carried the title Digital
> on its cover. Since it was a special issue, I hoped it would go back
> Videomaker, which it has not done. On the it's simply called
> What are we to do with this? Is it a title change?
> Carol Morse
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