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Re: CALL FOR PAPERS: Electronic Journal Management Systems: Experiences from the Field Paoshan Yue 02 Jun 2004 00:53 UTC

Hi Gary,

I will present a poster session at the coming NASIG confernce in Milwaukee
on the following topic:

Quest for a Centralized E-Journals Access Management System at UNR

I have a plan to develop it into an article after the conference.  I am very
happy to learn about the theme issue of the Serials Librarian on electronic
journal management systems.  I think it would be a perfect place for me to
submit the article I am going to write, even though the timeline is rather

I have taken the liberty to include the abstract of my poster session for
you information.  Please let me know if my proposed content fits the theme
of your special issue.  I also wonder when this special issue is scheduled
to be published.


At the University of Nevada, Reno Libraries (UNR) the emphasis on acquiring
online content began in earnest in 1998.  From 1998 to 2003, UNR's
electronic journal collection went from zero to 14,537 while the number of
print journals fell slowly from 5,200 to 4,596.

>From the very beginning, UNR made a commitment to provide users with online
access to full-text journals, found in publisher packages and aggregator
databases, via Web lists and OPAC with details such as holdings coverage,
embargo, source, open access, and local subject headings.  The metadata of
e-journals were first tracked on spreadsheets in EXCEL for Web lists and
were also cataloged in the OPAC, a dual-maintenance system which later
proved to be needing improvement as UNR's electronic journal collection
expanded.  UNR thus developed an interim solution and a long-term solution
for managing e-journals access.  The interim solution is to replace EXCEL
with Microsoft ACCESS in processing e-journal metadata, still a
dual-maintenance system but with greatly reduced maintenance work and
enhanced timeliness of e-journal metadata in the OPAC and on the Web lists.
The long-term solution is to generate e-journal Web lists from the OPAC with
streamlined e-journal metadata batch-loading process using Innovative's
Electronic Resources Management Module, which UNR is currently beta-testing.

This poster presents the trail of UNR's quest for a centralized e-journals
access management system, with a focus on the design of the long-term

Kind regrads,

Paoshan Yue
Electronic Resources Access Librarian
Getchell Library / MS 322
University of Nevada
1664 N. Virginia Street
Reno, NV 89557-0044
PH: (775) 784-6500, Ext. 344
FX: (775) 784-1328

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Systems: Experiences from the Field

My apologies for any cross posts.

This is a call for papers for a special theme issue of the journal The
Serials Librarian (Haworth, ISSN: 0361-526X, Jim Cole, Editor),
tentatively entitled Electronic Journal Management Systems: Experiences
from the Field, which I am guest editing.

We are looking for papers which deal with the emergence, development,
and implementation of, and experiences with, what might broadly be
called electronic journal management systems, whether home-grown or
commercial.  This includes (but would not be limited to) any system
which manages any part of the electronic journal acquisition process,
license record-keeping (including ILL provisions), web maintenance (such
as A-Z lists), and link resolver systems.  Final copy of accepted
articles are due no later than August 1, 2004.

For Haworth's "Instructions for Authors", you may view at

Some basics for this journal:

Manuscript style: Chicago Style
Manuscript length: 5-50 typed pages
Notes: Articles must be written in English. If the article is a
translation from another language, a copy of the article in the original
language should also be submitted if possible.

Please don't hesitate to call or email if you have any questions.  I
will be at both NASIG and ALA if you'd like to touch base in person.

Best regards,

Gary Ives
Assistant Director of Acquisitions &
  Coordinator of Electronic Resources
Texas A&M University Libraries
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College Station, TX  77843-5000
Phone: (979) 458-0726
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