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Re: How were holdings kept in the old days? Borchert, Carol Ann 02 Jun 2004 16:55 UTC

In the federal documents area at USF, we still have a paper shelflist
arranged by call number housed in the public service area for documents.
(Since many of our bib records were tapeloaded, some for items we never
had, the paper shelflist, up until 2000, is a master file of what we
actually HAVE.)  For serials and periodicals, we had a main card, then
holdings cards behind it, detailing which issues, years, etc. we had
received.  Once we bound something, we combined the entry on the card to
indicate such.

I seem to remember using similar cards at William and Mary in the late
80's, which were in the reference area in their own little
card-catalog-like cabinet.  I don't remember if the cards in that
cabinet were arranged by call number or by title, and I think it was
mostly serials.  They may have had a Kardex also for the more
frequently-received periodical titles, but I can't remember where it was

Now that I'm old enough to answer an "old days" question, my memory is
getting fuzzy!

Carol Ann

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Back when libraries still had card catalogs, and even before word
processing, how were periodicals holdings lists kept? Were there
annotations on the cards in the catalog? Was the Kardex kept near
reference? Some other method?


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