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Re: How were holdings kept in the old days? Carol Morse 02 Jun 2004 17:51 UTC

We still produce a printed list, updated every year, several copies of
which are spread around the library. It's quite popular. Sometimes it's
faster to look on a list than log onto a catalog. It's not too hard to
revise it, since the files are all saved from year to year.
Carol Morse

>>> otto.sillius@SHERIDANC.ON.CA 6/2/2004 8:47:15 AM >>>
We produced a "Union List of Periodicals".  It showed title, start
volume and end date if not currently received.  A copy was kept at the
circulation desk and reference desk.  I also included a Subject Guide
the holdings.  That was a long time ago....

> Back when libraries still had card catalogs, and even before word
> processing, how were periodicals holdings lists kept? Were there
> annotations on the cards in the catalog? Was the Kardex kept near
> reference? Some other method?
> Curious,
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