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POSITION: Serials Cataloger, Seattle Peter McCracken 04 Jun 2004 21:05 UTC

Serials Solutions seeks an experienced serials cataloger to manage its
bibliographic data, and to maintain accuracy within its databases of
bibliographic and metadata content. Responsibilities will include our
equivalent of copy cataloging, extensive original cataloging of electronic
journals, data maintenance, and oversight of bibliographic records and

The successful candidate will have a strong understanding of electronic
serials, databases, library patrons' usage of each, and the current status
of the electronic journal marketplace.

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Job Description:

The Serials Cataloger is responsible for maintaining the integrity of
Serials Solutions' bibliographic database, and acquiring, managing, and
creating cataloging records for the services we provide. The company's
bibliographic resources set the standard for all of the company's products,
which are distributed to over 1400 clients, and are used by tens of
thousands of librarians and patrons every day. The Serials Cataloger will
identify and acquire catalog records for journals in the databases we track,
and create original catalog records when no existing records can be found.
The Serials Cataloger will solve problems identified by clients and product
support staff, and provide advice to product support staff and product
managers. The position will require knowledge of all Serials Solutions
products and data and how they interact with each other, as well as a deep
understanding of electronic serials, serials cataloging, and related issues.

Key Responsibilities:

-       create original MARC21 serials cataloging records for journals for
which other appropriate records have not been located
-       associate existing MARC records (primarily from CONSER) with
metadata within Serials Solutions' databases
-       obtain cataloging records from other potential cataloging partners
-       troubleshoot data inquiries from internal and external customers,
and resolve problems and questions as needed
-       maintain structure and accuracy of existing Serials Solutions MARC
record databases
-       manage Serials Solutions' internal catalog and cataloging software

Skills / Qualifications:

-       demonstrated ability to perform a high level of original cataloging,
especially for electronic serials
-       minimum two years experience as a serials cataloger using AACR2,
MARC21, and other related standards
-       ALA-accredited MLS degree

-       knowledge of XSL, XML, and other relevant technologies
-       experience with Serials Solutions' products in a library setting
-       knowledge of database architecture and structure

Serials Solutions staff will be available to discuss this position with
interested individuals during the NASIG and ALA conferences. Please contact
us at if you are interested in discussing this

Peter McCracken, MLS
Co-founder, Serials Solutions, Inc.
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