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Independent minded resources Steve 05 Jun 2004 21:31 UTC


Over time in trying access which were the best publications for a given
subject matter I have found that many of my favorites were those of an
independent nature; independent in the sense of the being the "Consumer
Reports" or Robert Lamb (C-SPAN interviewer) of their domain. Their efforts to
bring out objective analysis in an artful manner make them so much more

Here are some business and political resources that have impressed me as such:

American Institute for Economic Research

CQ Weekly

The Economist


Of course, even these have their leanings but overall they provide the
necessary background and data to help one understand the underlying issues at

Since I have tended to focus on business materials I wanted to ask if others
have found publications of an 'independent' nature in other fields, anything
that gives an even-handed approach to the subject matter. For example, off the
top of my head I would think that National Geographic would be a fairly
unbiased and artful resource in anthropology and geography. Perhaps, there is
a book or web-site that has attempted such a compilation.

Thank you for the input, Steve.