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I can send you a free clump of books from Haworth Press related to this
topic...can you provide a few key words/key concepts, and preferred
mailing address?

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> _Use of RSS in Bibliographic/Abstract Databases_?
> I am greatly interested in learning of ANY and ALL
> bibliographic/abstract databases that offer RSS feeds. Such feeds might
> offer current search results, or automatic updates for a saved search
> strategy. I would be interested in any current operational systems,
> working prototypes, or projects under consideration.
> For examples of other library-related uses of RSS, please see my latest
> registry_RSS(sm): Rich Site Services_
> [ ]
> BTW: Thanks to all for their nominations for _RSS(sm)_. Although still
> quite limited, it has nearly doubled in size from its establishment on
> Sunday, June 6 !
> [ ]
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> Gerry McKiernan
> Working Librarian
> Iowa State University
> Ames IA 50011

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