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Announcing _eFeeds(sm): Web Feeds from Electronic Journals_ Gerry Mckiernan 15 Jun 2004 17:19 UTC

           _eFeeds(sm): Web Feeds from Electronic Journals_

I am pleased to announce the creation of my newest registry -
_eFeeds(sm)_ !
 _eFeeds(sm)_ is located at

[ ]

"_eFeeds(sm): Web Feeds from Electronic Journals_ is a categorized
registry of electronic journals that offer RSS/XML, Atom, or other Web
feeds. Publisher-specific and vendor Web feeds are categorized in a
separate category."

I am greatly interested in adding additional entries to _eFeeds(sm) and
would most appreciate Any and All nominations of other e-journals with
Web feeds.

BTW: _eFeeds(sm)_ is intended to complement _RSS(sm)_, my registry
devoted to "Rich Site Services" located at

[ ]



Gerry McKiernan
Library-specific Librarian
Iowa State University
Ames IA 50011