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Usiing MS Access for usage statistics Mark Ferguson 22 Jun 2004 19:12 UTC

Greetings Serial librarians:

I am plannning on using our MS Access database I have been developing to
track usage of our journal collection.  That way I can then combine usage
statistics with other data I already have stored on the database (such as
subjects established for each journal) to provide more useful information.
I would therefore like to be able to program Access to act as a counter (so
that the column contains a number that increases by one every time I click
on it) for the columns I am using to track usage.  Has anyone tried this
before?  Is it possible to get Access to act as a counter, and if so how?
Perhaps there is even some usage study software that can be attached to an
Access database that would provide this kind of functionality.
Is there anyone out there who has had any experience doing this kind of
thing?  I would be very interested in any solutions you may have come up