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Re: Usiing MS Access for usage statistics Kim Maxwell 22 Jun 2004 20:09 UTC

There was also a presentation about this very topic at the NASIG conference
this past weekend.  The two speakers were:

Alfred Kraemer, Medical College of Wisconsin
Abigail Bordeaux, Binghamton University Libraries

Alfred in particular is using an Access database, combined with Cold
Fusion, I believe.  Both were very knowledgeable.

Kim Maxwell
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At 02:43 PM 6/22/2004 -0500, you wrote:
>A colleague of mine works at Auburn University.  We presented at a
>workshop last week and she talked about this very thing.  Her name is
>Paula Sullenger and here is her information.
>Paula Sullenger is the Assistant Acquisitions Librarian.
>--Coordinates the Receiving Unit
>--Supervises online serial ordering
>--Negotiates database and electronic serials licensing
>--In charge during the absence of the Department Chair
>phone: (334)844-1725
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>From: Mark Ferguson [mailto:mferguson@CSE.EDU]
>Sent: Tuesday, June 22, 2004 2:12 PM
>Subject: [SERIALST] Usiing MS Access for usage statistics
>Greetings Serial librarians:
>I am plannning on using our MS Access database I have been developing to
>track usage of our journal collection.  That way I can then combine
>statistics with other data I already have stored on the database (such
>subjects established for each journal) to provide more useful
>I would therefore like to be able to program Access to act as a counter
>that the column contains a number that increases by one every time I
>on it) for the columns I am using to track usage.  Has anyone tried this
>before?  Is it possible to get Access to act as a counter, and if so
>Perhaps there is even some usage study software that can be attached to
>Access database that would provide this kind of functionality.
>Is there anyone out there who has had any experience doing this kind of
>thing?  I would be very interested in any solutions you may have come up