establishing core collection list of periodicals by subject Mark L. Ferguson 26 Jan 2005 14:45 UTC

Dear Serials listers:

Our library is embarking on an effort to establish a core collection list of periodicals for each academic department.  These would be titles that each academic department determines are essential to its standing as a legitimate academic program.  I was wondering if there are other libraries out there who have already done this and if so what resources you drew upon to compile such lists.  Katz, Magazine for libraries would be an obvious source, but are there others?  Is there anyone out there who has done this and would be willing to share those core collection lists with others?

This kind of information could be very useful, I would imagine, to a number of libraries, and I could use all the help I can get in undertaking this task.  You may want to direct your response to the listserv rather than just to me for any other interested parties out there listening.

Mark Ferguson, Periodicals Librarian, College of Saint Elizabeth