Re: Serial check in software/programs Trina Pundurs 11 Jan 2005 22:44 UTC

Rosalyn Smith wrote:
>  I work in a small medical library (less than 250 subscriptions) and
> we are looking into purchasing a program for checking in periodicals.
> Could anyone please recommend an inexpensive program (preferably under
> $1000)?

Rosalyn et al.,

We're currently in the process of trying to replace our antiquated
check-in software, so I compiled the following list of standalone
(and mostly presumably inexpensive) programs:

Surpass Serials

Sagebrush Serials Manager

SIMA Serials 2003

Right On Programs Periodical Manager

W.T. Cox CoxTrax

Inmagic DB/Text for Libraries

I've never used any of these.  I know of someone who uses Inmagic DB/Text
and likes it, and someone else who uses Sagebrush Serials Manager and
doesn't like it.  That's all I can offer in the way of actual
recommendations.  After evaluating all of these, I arrived at the
conclusion that none of them offers the power and flexibility we need, so
we've decided to try to go the free software (a.k.a. "open source") route
and build our own.  I'll update the list if/when anything becomes of this.


Trina Pundurs
Water Resources Center Archives, Univ. of California