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Hi Everyone,

Sorry for weighing in late on this issue, but this type of analysis
is exactly what Jan Lewis & I wrote about in a recent article in
Serials Librarian.  We focused on undergraduate libraries, but
the methodology described can be extended to any user or
subject-based group.  Our analysis was done before local or
publisher reported use was commonly available, but that would
certainly be relevant to include

Title:          Defining an undergraduate core journal collection
Author(s):      Lewis JS, McDonald JD
Source:         SERIALS LIBRARIAN 43 (1): 45-59 2002
Abstract:       The authors outline a multiple-methodology process
to develop locally relevant core journal lists for undergraduate
research. Criteria were inclusion in major aggregator databases, in
expert lists, and comparison with similar collections. They conclude
with a list of almost 2100 journals that support undergraduate
education at the institution at which they were then employed,
and outline other considerations when adding or canceling these

A preprint (final submitted version) is available at:

Hopefully everyone will find it enlightening & helpful!

John McDonald
Acquisitions Librarian
California Institute of Technology

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If you feel driven to turn this into an article, it really would be
interesting for Serials Review as an expanded topic. Thanks!
connie foster

Lois Schultz wrote:

>A few weeks ago I posted a question on criteria for determining core
>journals.  Thanks to all who responded. I was asked by three or four
>individuals to post the information I received.  So here is a summary
>the replies.
>1.      It is a topic that has interest.  Two individuals requested
>an article be written.
>2.      There are several different processes being used, the only
>processes that were noted more than once were Katz's Magazines for
>Libraries, citation reports and input from the teaching faculty.
>3.      Some specific disciplines have a core list or a list that is
>being used as a core list, i.e. Most Cited Legal Periodicals.
>4.      Ulrich's Serials Analysis system
>5.      Local use
>6.      Holdings at benchmark institutions
>At Northern Kentucky University we have also looked at what is required
>by accrediting agencies
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