Compendium of e-Journal Back Files/Archives? Gerry Mckiernan 24 Jan 2005 16:39 UTC

Compendium of e-Journal Back Files/Archives?


I am greatly interested in learning of Any and All *compendia* of
electronic journal back files/sets. I would characterize the back
file/archive as previous volumes of a title that may the entire/partial
back run of a title that is available as a one-time purchase
(with/without an annual "maintenance fee") that would complete the
entire (or partial) run of a title that is currently (or had been)
accessed through an annual (or multi-year) subscription.

While I am aware of several back files in the sciences and technology
(e.g., American Chemical Society, Royal Chemical Society) and have
Googled the topic, I would prefer not to ReInventThe Wheel [:-)].

BTW: I am not only interested in available SciTech back file titles,
but those in the Social Sciences and Humanities as well.

At the least I will summarize for the eLists; at the most I will
integrate Any and All various lists as a spreadsheet and upload to my
Website for the Good of the Community.



Gerry McKiernan
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