MeSH headings and Serials Solutions records Wayne Jones 01 Mar 2005 18:01 UTC

We just recently started subscribing to the Serials Solutions MARC records service for our ejournals. It has generally been excellent, but one thing we hadn't considered was that there are many CONSER records (the go-to source of records for Serials Solutions and other similar vendors) which lack MeSH headings, and so the result is either that we accept the fact that a SerSols record without MeSH headings will overwrite our current record which has them, or that we make a local change to the SerSols record once we have it -- but that means that future loads from SerSols for that record will not automatically overwrite it because the local changes are protected.

I wonder if other libraries have run into the same problem, and how you might have resolved it?

Many thanks,

Wayne Jones


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