Re: Newspapers, etc. denise dunbar 23 Mar 2005 22:24 UTC

I don't know how many libraries deal with NewspaperDirect so I thought I'd
write this just in case.  Vancouver Public Library has a contract with a
local company called NewspaperDirect, now partnering with Proquest, which
provides us with print-on-demand newspapers and also a new database of
full-image versions of over 200 newspapers.

We have a printer in our main library and print a selection of newspaper
titles (like the Washington Post and previously the Boston Globe) on 11x17
paper for the newspaper collection here and at a few branches.  I can pick
the frequency I want (daily, weekly, Mondays only, etc.) for those titles
and get same day issues (or even tomorrow's paper depending on time zones).
Printing is in black and white.  We print 23 titles out of about 125
newspaper subscriptions.

VPL has only had the online resource, PressDisplay, for a few months now
but we have seen increasing use.  Patrons have access to any of the 200
titles from current issues to 14 issues back (although some seem to date
back 8 weeks).  This includes access to the Washington Post and USA Today,
as well as some of the big Canadian papers like the Globe and Mail and the
National Post.  So it's great for current content but you'd have to
use other products for archives and fully functional searching.  At this
time articles or pages can't be printed from PressDisplay but you can email

Both of these products have expanded our access to international
newspapers.  Title lists can be seen at: and

Denise Dunbar, Librarian I
Newspapers & Magazines Division
Vancouver Public Library
British Columbia, Canada