OA Awareness Programs for College/University Faculty Kemp, Rebecca 28 Mar 2005 18:25 UTC

*Apologies for cross-posting*

Hi, everyone- Here at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, we
are looking into doing Open Access awareness programming for our
faculty.  We are aware of the SPARC "Create Change" initiative, and we
are looking at individual libraries' home pages to determine what sort
of awareness programs they are doing.  We also wanted to ask for
listserv members' input, though, which we hope will lead us quickly to
the information we need.  Have you or other librarians organized faculty
information sessions at your library?  If so, are you using the Create
Change literature, or are you relying on a home-grown framework?  Are
you promoting self-archiving alone, or do you run an institutional
repository?  (At this point in time, we do not have an institutional

Any information would be welcome.  Thank you very much for your time.

Rebecca Kemp
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