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DRA to SIRSI migration Phalan, Mary 29 Mar 2005 15:43 UTC


We the Free Library of Philadelphia are going to migrate from DRA classic to
SIRSI Unicorn workflows this summer (July 2005). We have had the serials
training and have learned that we will need to "touch" every record we have
to set up predictions, combine multiple copies, and general cleanup. We
estimate the whole process may take two months since we have over 5,000
serial subscriptions. Has anyone on the list gone through this, and can you
give me any hints? We will not have access to the migrated database until we
go live.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. You may reply off-list to me at

Mary A. Phalan

Assistant Head, Acquisitions/Serials

Free Library of Philadelphia

(215) 686-5391

(215) 686-5419 fax