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Help with numbering for _Foundations of computational mathematics_ Jack Fitzpatrick 03 Mar 2005 20:50 UTC

Hello all,

According to Springer's page for this journal at
the numbering and dating for v.1 is as follows:

v.1 no.1 2001:Apr.
v.1 no.2 2001:June
v.1 no.3 2001:Jan.
v.1 no.4 2001:Jan.

At Auburn, electronic holdings are chronological only--we find that
helpful when pulling coverage reports. My problem is that v.1 no.2 and v.1
no.3 are not yet online. Could someone who has this in print please check
the chronology of this title and let me know if no.2 and no.3 really were
published in June and Jan. respectively?  BTW, we checked several online
catalogs which had electronic only access to this and, like ours, simply
listed 2001-present, which is probably incorrect.


Jack D. Fitzpatrick
Cataloging Dept.
Auburn University Libraries