Re: Binding Incomplete volumes David Pribyl 09 Mar 2005 21:19 UTC

We just began binding incomplete volumes a few years ago.  We used to
attempt to locate & purchase back issues, but simply do not have the
time to deal with that any longer.  On the spine we list the Volume &
(year) as usual, adding the word "Incomplete" below that.  Then inside
the front cover, we affix a label indicating the exact issue(s) that are
not available.  We also add this data to our online shelflist of bound
volumes, so patrons/librarians can locate this data prior to even going
to the shelves, if needed.  We have basically not received any faculty
complaints regarding this.

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Good afternoon!
I am trying to find out how other libraries handle binding incomplete
serial volumes where 1 or 2 issues are missing.  Do you bind them or
not?  Also, what do you place on the spines of those bound volumes,
e.g.,  Incomplete, Lacks v. 51 n. 1?  Any information you could share
with me would be most appreciated.  Thank you in advance and have a
great day!

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