Re: Binding Incomplete volumes Elinore Krell 09 Mar 2005 23:31 UTC

We insert a preprinted sheet in place of the missing issue with possible
alternatives to finding the article (microfilm, databases, etc.), filling in
the name of the magazine or journal, volume and date.  We do this before
sending the title to the bindery so the sheets become part of that bound
title.  We use separate sheets depending on the available alternative
formats (one for microfilm, one for fulltext databases and so on).  We
offer interlibrary loan as an alternative if there are no other sources in
our library.  We don't note on the spine that the volume is incomplete,
but rely on the information found on the insert sheets for directing users
to other alternatives.  I'm not sure if this system would serve an
academic library but it is useful to us as a public library.

Elinore Krell
Periodicals Dept.
Enoch Pratt Free Library
Baltimore, MD

On Wed, 9 Mar 2005, Sylvia McAphee wrote:

> Good afternoon!
> I am trying to find out how other libraries handle binding incomplete
> serial volumes where 1 or 2 issues are missing.  Do you bind them or
> not?  Also, what do you place on the spines of those bound volumes,
> e.g.,  Incomplete, Lacks v. 51 n. 1?  Any information you could share
> with me would be most appreciated.  Thank you in advance and have a
> great day!
> Sylvia McAphee
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