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Re: Archival Access to Online Purchases Edwards, Mary 10 Mar 2005 19:12 UTC


This question is of interest to me, could you please post responses to

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Mary Edwards
Art Institute of California - Los Angeles
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Subject: [SERIALST] Archival Access to Online Purchases

I am in the process of trying to verify what happens to our access  if
we convert our print titles to online subscriptions and then later have
to cancel the online as well.  In most cases I am  finding that  we will
continue to "own"  purchased  online volumes even if we eventually
cancel the title completely.  I know that a lot of other libraries have
already gone throught this process and I'm wondering if there is a
better way to do this?  I've been going through the publishers' web
sites, reading the FAQs and then emailing if  I can't find the answer
online.   We have a  small print collection (about 700 titles) which is
getting smaller because of budget issues.  I ' m assuming that larger
libraries may be following a more streamlined procedure.   Not a new
topic, I realize,  but I'd like to hear about what others might be

Marcella Lesher
Periodicals Librarian
Blume Library
St. Mary's University
San Antonio, TX