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        We do bind.  At the base of the volume (@ slot 2 on the 2Pi
scale) we direct our bookbinder to place the character string "inc." in
small type.  Inside, we have him bind in a front notice specifying the
missing pieces.  All of our periodical pieces are now coded so the item
record which displays on our OPAC will have in it a public note
specifying the missing pieces and instructing the customer to contact
the inter-library borrowing office.
        It is agreeable to fill the gap.  We seldom do more than check
backserv and Jaeger, however, and your chances of getting hold of what
you need are modest at best.  In the interim, your inventory
        Our institution is placing its entire bound run in on-site
automated industrial storage so a selection of our titles do need more
protection than has been the case heretofore, as they will be sloshing
about in metal bins and all.  A good deal of retrospective binding has
had to be done in the last two years and there was no way I would have
been able to track down all of thousands of missing pieces.  IW

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I came into this position with an inheritance (unbeknownst to me) of
incompletely bound volumes with no indication of such on the spine -
*not* a surprise I recommend springing upon those who come after one.
It was quite a project to identify exactly what we were missing and to
make that information available to ourselves.

Needless to say, we now save loose issues until we have a complete

Thanks -

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We don't end up binding a volume if an issue is missing. We try to
locate the missing issue (even if it is out of print the publisher is
sometimes willing to make a photocopy, or you can print out the online
version). If that is not possible, we place the loose issues in a file
case and shelve it in the appropriate place.

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Subject: [SERIALST] Binding Incomplete volumes

Good afternoon!
I am trying to find out how other libraries handle binding incomplete
serial volumes where 1 or 2 issues are missing.  Do you bind them or
not?  Also, what do you place on the spines of those bound volumes,
e.g.,  Incomplete, Lacks v. 51 n. 1?  Any information you could share
with me would be most appreciated.  Thank you in advance and have a
great day!

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