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Dlib Report on Berlin 3 on Open Access to appear today Stevan Harnad 15 Mar 2005 13:07 UTC

                ** Apologies for Cross-Posting **

All the Powerpoint Presentations and the Videos for the Berlin 3 meeting
are now online at:

In addition, my own summary of this meeting and of its important
recommendation to institutions wishing to implement the Berlin
Declaration will appear in Dlib at 12 noon today (US Eastern Standard
Time) at:
    (not till noon today)

Institutions that are already prepared to adopt the recommended
institutional OA provision policy are invited to register their
policy, for other institutions to consider adopting, at:


    Berlin 3 Open Access: Progress in Implementing the Berlin
    Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and
    Humanities Feb 28th - Mar 1st, 2005, University of Southampton, UK

    UK Satellite Session

    Chair: Catherine Jones (CCLRC, UK)

    UK Researchers OA Survey
    Alma Swan, Key Perspectives Ltd

    Open Access: Developing a National Information Strategy in Scotland
    Derek Law, University of Strathclyde

    Open Access Institutional Repositories in UK Universities
    Bill Hubbard, SHERPA

    Chair: Laurent Romary (CNRS, France)

    Key-note address
    Professor Tony Hey "E-Science and Open Access"

    Chair: Andy Gass (PLoS, USA)

    Johannes Fournier "The DFG (German Research Foundation)
    study of author experience of open access"

    Improving access to academic content:
    JISC working for UK teaching and research
    (Fred Friend and Neil Jacobs)

    Chair: Leo Waaijers (SURF/DARE, Netherlands)

    Francoise Vandooren - "The EU scientific publishing study"

    Reports from delegates on implementing
    the Berlin Declaration in their organisations

    The OA Policy of the Max-Planck Society, Germany (Georg Botz)

    Eloy Rodrigues (OA Progress at U. Minho, Portugal)

    Subbiah Arunachalam (OA Progress in India)

    Lars Bjornshauge (OA Progress in Scandinavia)

    Alberto Pepe (OA Progress at CERN, Switzerland)

    Yuko Nagai (OA Progress in Japan)

    Paola Gargiulo (OA Progress in Italy)

    Michael Erben-Russ (Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, Germany)

    Elmar Mittler (DINI, Germany)

    Hans Pfeiffenberger (Helmholtz Association, Germany)

    Tanveer ul Haq (OA progress in Pakistan) [cancelled/visa-delay]

    Chair: Francis André (INIST, France)

    The OA Policy of Southampton University, UK:
    The "Keystroke" Strategy (Stevan Harnad)

    The OA Policy of CNRS, France (Laurent Romary)

    The OA Policy of INSERM, France (Pierre Oudet)

    The OA Policy of CERN: Paving the Way for Complete OA
    (Joanne Yeomans & Jens Vigen)

    Roadmap for implementation, latest version (Fred Friend)

    Chair: Robert Terry (Wellcome Trust, UK)

    Plenary discussion on implementing the roadmap


    Open Access to Scientific Data and Publications. A tour of the robotic
    chemistry labs at the University main campus, with a presentation on the data
    dimension of Open Access by Dr. Simon Coles, Professor Mike Hursthouse, Department
    of Chemistry, Professor Jeremy Baumberg, Department of Physics, Southampton

    Chair: Barbara Kirsop (Electronic Publishing Trust for Development, UK)
    Seminar by Professor Arunachalam on Indian Knowledge Villages

Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2005 22:05:10 -0800
From: Andy Gass <>
Subject: Re: Outcome of Berlin 3 at Southampton UK

For your records, the powerpoint file on my computer reads:

In order to implement the Berlin Declaration institutions should

    1) Implement a policy to require their researchers to deposit a copy
    of all their published articles in an open access repository.


    2) Encourage their researchers to publish their research articles
    in open access journals where a suitable journal exists and provide
    the support to enable that to happen.