Re: Claiming Skipped Issues Jenny Lockwood 18 Mar 2005 16:09 UTC

Dear Melissa,
Welcome to the world of serials.  First of all, I would caution you not to
claim skipped copies automatically or claim issues that are a month past
their cover date or date of last receipt. A skipped copy may result from a
publication pattern needing to be changed, be an indication that an issue
was incorrectly checked in, or often, particularly in the case of
conference or proceeding issues, been checked in as an annual on another
record and not noted on another check in record you have for that series.
Often, when issues go to the printer, the vol. and issue numbers are not
changed or are incorrectly noted.  As far as issues surpassing their expect
date; this is quite common, particularly with quarterlies, small presses,
titles for which a college department has assumed editorial/publishing
responsibility etc.  I use WorldCat to check other libraries' holdings,
information in our subscription agent's database, the check-in history,
publisher websites and a copy of the journal itself to evaluate each
claim.  It is time and work expended upfront, but by being careful about
what you claim, you save yourself work down the road. That said, we are
using an old version of voyager, but we have a job which runs on our main
server on a day designated by us which pulls up all the titles which have
surpassed their expect +claim interval date and all the skipped copies.  If
an issue is skipped it will be identified as the reason it came up on the
problem list.  On any day other than when this job is run on the main
server, if I search problems by date, I will only pull up skipped
copies---I hope this makes some sort of sense or is applicable to the
version of voyager you are using and again ---Welcome to serials, you may
get frustrated and annoyed ( to put it nicely) but I doubt you will ever be
  a 07:17 AM 3/18/2005, you wrote:
>I've only been working in serials about 4 months now.  I remember
>reading somewhere that it may be possible to claim skipped issues in
>Voyager fairly easily and/or quickly from the problems screen when
>generating claims.  Is that really possible? If so, how do I do it?
>Normally, I'll only generate claims for issues that are dated about a
>month old--but if a newer issue has arrived for that title, I want to
>claim the skipped issue, no matter what the date.  Does Voyager allow me
>to do this easily (I mean without looking up each individual title)?
>I've been looking through the voyager manual and the endeavor
>website--without any luck.
>Melissa Farley
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