Housing of Newspaper Materials Corrice, Julia A. 21 Mar 2005 19:40 UTC


My institution is encountering a problem with a certain title (Antiques
and the Arts Weekly) that is retained permanently, and I decided to to
see what other libraries might be doing to house this newspaper or ones
similar to it. The problem that we are encountering is that this
newspaper (measuring 17 and 1/2 x 12 in.), is very large, and needs to
be kept flat on the shelves (our shelves measure 35 and 1/4 in. across)
in order to keep the issues from being ruined.  We currently have them
folded in half and placed in 10 x 12 in. archival boxes, but these boxes
are too heavy to retreive issues easily, and the folding is damaging the
issues. We found a box made by Gaylord which is 18 inches long and would
allow for them to lay flat, but it is a half inch to big to keep two on
the 4 ft. shelves. Because we have so many of these newspapers, we would
lose too much shelf space to switch over to these boxes. I looked to see
if we could find the title on microfilm, but I had no luck. Their online
archive only goes back to 2000, and we need to keep all of holdings
(from 1982-present). We cannot bind because it is a newspaper, and is
too brittle. Has anyone encountered a similar situation? If so, I would
love to know how you ended up housing your materials, or any other
solutions I may not have thought of.  Also, if anyone knows of a company
that might make archival boxes that measure 17 and 1/2 inches in length,
I would appreciate that information as well. We've already checked with
Gaylord, Brodart, and Paige, and the best we could find were all just
too big.
Thank you!
Julia Corrice

Serials Assistant
Rakow Library
Corning Museum of Glass
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