Re: Request to CONSER members re: OCLC #23980286 Peter McCracken 01 Jun 2005 06:42 UTC

Greetings, and apologies for not responding to this issue sooner; I've been
away from my computer all day, which was (mostly) a relief.

Apart from specific requests by clients, Serials Solutions does not modify
CONSER records. The records we deliver are the records we receive from LC
every Tuesday. If LC has the correct ISSN on its record, then we have the
correct ISSN on our records. In this case, as Steve Shadle has pointed out,
it is appropriate that the ISSN Konstantin identified be in the subfield y.
Regina Reynolds made a clear case for why that ISSN should remain in that

In fact, at the recent NASIG conference, Regina and I had a very useful
conversation about how the ISSN is used in the 022, and I and others at
Serials Solutions will be putting together a proposal for exploring other
ways of coding ISSN that don't specifically apply to the journal in
question. Conversations, discussion, and developments such as this are an
important part of our contribution to the serials community. We are proud to
provide the largest percentage of CONSER records available for electronic
journals, and we consider subscriptions to services such as LC's Cataloging
Distribution Service and a critical part of ensuring the accuracy
of the records we deliver.

As Regina, Les Hawkins, multiple CONSER catalogers, and others can attest,
when we identify a potential problem, we bring it to the attention of LC,
NSDP, CONSER members, and other appropriate parties, to allow those experts
to investigate and correct the problems, where appropriate. In our office,
we focus on maintaining and expanding our work-level identifiers, which
allow our systems to accept e-ISSN, print ISSN, mistyped ISSN, or no ISSN,
and still return the correct resource -- even if the source and the target
have different ISSN (such as a citation with the e-ISSN, and a full-text
database with the print ISSN).

Again, the only modifications we make to the records we deliver are those
requested by our clients. Apart from these requests, and the necessary
changes to show that we have delivered the records, we *do not* change
CONSER records.

As Steve suggested, it sounds like this issue might be caused by the ILS or
SFX indexing the 022|y, which would presumably return many, many incorrect

Please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any other questions or

Peter McCracken

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Is it possible that Serials Solutions somehow miscoded that 022|y for your
bib record?  Their knowledge base is not recognizing 1534-8431 for Technical
Communications Quarterly.

Can your profile for your Serials Solutions MARC records be tweaked to
exclude 022|y values? One of the customization options is to have Serials
Solutions strip the 022 out and replace it with their own version.  Their
version lists the e-ISSN in the subfield a and the print ISSN in the
subfield y.  Perhaps it is just a matter of Serials Solutions fixing the 022
they are using for that record?

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Hi, I tried out the SFX link in our catalog and it worked correctly.
I can't speak for how SerialsSolutions handles the data, but I wonder if
they don't have the correct ISSN on their record.

Ann Ercelawn
Vanderbilt University Library
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--On Tuesday, May 31, 2005 11:20 AM -0700 Steve Shadle
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> Konstantin -- As a CONSER member who formerly worked at the ISSN
> Center, I would suggest that this is correct use of 022|y (as it
> probably accurately reflects a publisher error that might affect
> physical receipt) and that instead you examine what specific fields
> and subfields you use in your link resolution.  We have discovered
> that including 022|y causes too many false drops and for the index we
> use to generate link resolver ISSN matching, we use 022|a|z and 776|x
> (to catch the E-ISSN/P-ISSN doubling).
> --Steve
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> On Tue, 31 May 2005, Konstantin Gurevich wrote:
>>   Greetings!
>>   This record for Technical communication quarterly contains 022
>>   $y 1534-8431. Incorrect is most certainly true, since this ISSN
>> actually belongs to a totally different title, Journal of Latinos and

>> education. The two are not even related. Meanwhile, the record goes
>> from OCLC to SerialsSolutions and messes up link resolvers, such as
>> SFX. And since we have SerSol records reloaded monthly, there is no
>> point in fixing the record in our catalog.
>>   Could some CONSER member kindly take a look at this record in
>>   OCLC and, if possible, remove the wrong ISSN? It would be much
>> appreciated.
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