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Hi Donna,

A few years ago we wanted to tackle this problem as well, so we ordered
an electric stylus and a roll of (white) "thermal" tape (or "transfer
foil"? I think it's called).  (We already had an electric eraser.)  (As
a bit of background, most of our journal volumes are bound in brown
buckram with white lettering.)

For spines that need to be corrected, we erase the incorrect information
(taking care not to wear off too much of the buckram's color, but just
enough to remove the stamped foil lettering).  After erasing, we cut off
a strip of "thermal tape" and place it (chalky side down) onto the
spine, then carefully hand-write in the correct information, pressing
firmly onto the tape.  (Note: I use bits of Scotch tape to hold the
strip of "thermal tape" in place while I write).  Also, it's important
to let the stylus heat up completely before attempting lettering
(otherwise you end up with a mess).  The hotter the stylus is, the more
smoothly and quickly the writing transfers onto the spine.

The results are pretty nice!  Especially if you or one of your students
has a particularly neat hand.  It's also a very quick process and
requires no drying or waiting afterwards.  The handwritten lettering
seems to hold up well and stand out almost as clearly as stamped

Unfortunately I can't give you any details on the actual products --
it's been more than a few years since we ordered both the tape and the
stylus and I can't remember where we got them.  And we're still using
the same roll of tape.

Hope this helps.

- Lucy.

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We have a substantial number of older periodicals that were bound back
in the days of latest entry cataloging.  So the title stamped on these
bindings isn't always the actual title of what's inside.  We shelve our
periodicals by title, so it's rather important that the correct title is
on the spine.  In the past, we've typed the correct title on a white
label and covered the stamped title on the binding.  However, this isn't
very attractive and I'd like to come up with a better solution.  If
money wasn't an issue, I'd have the bindery relabel them, but I need to
do this on a limited budget.

Any suggestions?

Thanks much,