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Re: Question About ISSNs Regina Reynolds 29 Jun 2005 15:59 UTC

As a result of harmonization of the rules in AACR2, ISBD(CR) and
the ISSN Manual for major and minor changes, minor changes of
title (and other minor changes such as numbering) do not get assigned new
ISSN or require new records.  That's the short, simple, and usual answer.

There will be some exceptions in cases where an ISSN was assigned prior to
the rule revision being implemented.  There will, of course, also be
differences of interpretation about which changes are major or minor so
that an ISSN center abroad might have regarded a change as major, while
an OCLC participant might have regarded the same change as minor.  CONSER
is working on providing guidance about how to handle such
situations.  Right now, the "extra" ISSN are often put into MARC field 022
subfield y.

Please write to me if you have further questions.

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On Wed, 29 Jun 2005, Cindi Sandridge wrote:

> Hello,
> This question has come up among our staff members lately:
> When you have a title change that is considered minor (you do not need a
> new record), is a new ISSN necessary?
> Thanks for your help,
> Cindi Sandridge
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> James Madison University
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