Question about a title Cheryl Riley 23 Jun 2005 01:30 UTC


I have a question about the title Safety (OCLC # 14756070).  There is a
246 on the record for Safety compliance letter....I don't understand why
this isn't a title change.  The title changed in Nov. 2003 and the
masthead reads Safety compliance letter, incorporating safety
management.  The publishers box reads: Safety Compliance Letter ISSN
1069-2037 is published semimonthly by Aspen Publishers......  It was
originally published by Bureau of Business Practices of Waterford, Conn...

Does anyone have any ideas?  If  I  hear no reasons why this is not a
title change, I will enter a  new record for  Safety Compliance Letter
when I return from ALA.

Any input is greatly appreciated!



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