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Re: Combining materials acquisitions and cataloging depts. Kitti Canepi (12 Aug 2005 19:47 UTC)

Re: Combining materials acquisitions and cataloging depts. Kitti Canepi 12 Aug 2005 19:47 UTC

I suppose whatever title we use, no one really knows what it means outside
of the library.  Our combined Acquisitions, Cataloging, and Preservation
unit is called Information Resources Management  (a bit of a mouthful).  It
includes both print and non-print.  At library functions, I end up saying
Tech Services, and outside the library I still have to explain that doesn't
include overseeing the computers in the library.  I king of like the
brevity of saying Bibliographic Services.  And even though no one outside
the library would know what it means, at least they won't confuse you with
someone else!


At 08:10 AM 8/12/2005, you wrote:
>We did things a little differently at Northeastern, so I'm not sure this
>well be helpful.   We reorganized Technical Services into Print and
>Non-Print Management.  Within each dept. are a Receipt and Resource Control
>unit (that's check-in, mail and cataloging on receipt) and an Orders and
>Metadata Management unit (acq., complex cataloging, projects, database
>maintenance).   Because our electronic collections were growing so quickly
>and we were developing an Institutional Repository for which records would
>need to be reviewed, it was felt that creating a non-print unit would best
>serve our constituents.
>On a more practical note, I've heard of departments called Bibliographic
>Services.  Throwing words like metadata into a name makes it sound
>impressive to people outside the dept./library.  :-  )
>Anne Campbell Moore
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>Northeastern University Libraries
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