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Re: NATURE problems van Sickle, Jennifer 01 Nov 2005 15:41 UTC

We had multiple claims this summer with Nature as well.  We were told we
*might* get a missing May issue in the next 12 weeks or so.  Considering
that we didn't get 8 issues, it will be a long wait.

Now that we have paid out lots of $ to Nature for online access, and
since we know they are expending considerable resources in marketing
their myriad online products, perhaps fulfilling print orders is an even
lower priority.  If anyone from Nature is lurking, perhaps he/she could
comment on this.


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Have others been having problems with their Nature subscriptions?

Our subscription runs the calendar year and was fairly trouble free
until early July of this year.  We got the June 23 issue on July 5, then
nothing until the Aug. 25 issue arrived on Sept. 7.  Of course, I
claimed the missing issues and at first I was told that "due to a label
run going out late, issues are missing" and that "all back issues will
be sent out in due course."

Later my vendor told me they were still in contact with the pub and that
he/she had the impression they have a backlog in processing claims
"since several other libraries are missing the same issues" and "they
refuse to give any reason."

This morning I heard from my vendor again:  "Since according to Nature
all issues have been sent as published without fail" I should check with
my postal service, and btw, what is my delivery address?

A-hem.  Issues arrived just fine until July.  They are arriving again
just fine now.   Our claims were put off for reason (which we accepted)
- now all of a sudden it's our post office, our address?

Maybe I'd be less skeptical if I hadn't also been claiming the indexes,
and reassured twice that they were on their way, only to be told, also
this morning, that they are out of print.  Tsk tsk.

I'm feeling jerked around and am hoping someone can reassure me that's
not happening.

Jeanette L. Skwor
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