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Re: Title change in JSTOR Kimberly Montgomery 14 Nov 2005 18:37 UTC

Regarding the use of Erreffe, I think this is definitely a title change.  I wonder whether the title is a spelling out and merging of the initials for Ricerca Folkorica according to the way that the initials would be spoken in Italian (erre + effe).  Those who speak Italian can correct me on this.  In any case, since the initials are not actually used, a new word is created, and therefore a new title is created.

A patron who had never seen the earlier issues would cite Erreffe as the title based on the typography in the front matter images * if working from a printout of the page images.  The table of contents image has Erreffe given prominence by typography at the top, then lists gives it as Erreffe La ricerca folklorica at the bottom of the page just above the volume chronology and numeration.

I haven't cataloged it yet, but based on this I had intended to put it on a separate record.

I have seen other cases in which the online provider has chosen to treat successive titles as if they were one.  I generally just add a note about this to alert the user, something like "given on same website as preceding title."  Of course, many or most users don't read the records that closely, so I don't know that this helps as much as I wish it did.  If they care enough to follow up at the Reference Desk or on Ask-a-Librarian, it may serve some purpose.

It would really be best for patrons if the online providers separated the titles out onto different webpages, regardless of whether a new ISSN has been assigned.  Nevertheless, the way that the online provider presents the title in HTML may very well change.  But unless the provider gets into the business of changing the content (it has been done by some), it is likely that the page image that gives the title with Erreffe in prominence will outlast the provider decision.

Kimberly Montgomery
Electronic Resources / Foreign Languages Cataloger Librarian
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>>> eicook@APPTECHNC.NET 11/11/05 5:30 PM >>>
Dear Colleagues,

JSTOR has recently added a title to their Arts & Sciences III Collection and I would like serials catalogers and others to weigh in on what they think about the decision JSTOR has made.

The title in question is cited in JSTOR as:
La Ricerca Folkorica  No.1, 1980-no.44, 2001

According to OCLC, and in reviewing the front matter as shown on JSTOR (I do not have acccess to the print version) it appears that this title changed with no.41,  2000 to: Erreffe : La Ricerca Folkorica.  The typography on the cover is pretty conclusive eveidence of a title change if you ask me!

OCLC records:  61496677 (1st title)
               61697772 (2nd title)

JSTOR thinks that they should keep it all under one record, and they say are tied to the ISSN assignment. And, they say that the "publisher does
not have a preference."

Please let me know what you think and thanks.
Eleanor Cook

Eleanor I. Cook
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