Moving Periodicals Collections/Handling the Dust Holman Jenifer S 15 Feb 2006 17:29 UTC

We're getting ready to move our bound periodicals collection from its
current home on our first floor to the basement.  I was digging around
the shelves the other day doing some shifting (we're low on student help
these days!) and couldn't believe the amount of dust on the shelves and
the volumes.  I worry that when we move the collection, we will stir up
so much dust that staff and library patrons may get sick

I couldn't find anything in the library literature, but wonder if you
have students/custodians dust the stacks on a regular basis or if you
had recommendations on the best way to clean the collection (vacuums,
wet rags) before it gets moved.

If nothing else, measuring the dust on each title may serve as an
intriguing way to gauge use!

Jen Holman

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