Journal of Communication Lynne Weaver 15 Feb 2006 20:23 UTC

Hi, Folks -

Journal of Communication is one of the journals that has moved from
Oxford UP, in this case to Blackwell.  Last year (v.55 2005) our cost
for this title was $241; this year (v.56 2006) it is $850!  Although our
jobber is usually good about notifying us of outrageous price increases,
they missed this one.  The price increase seems to be the result of one
or both of two things.  First, there is the change in publisher.
Second, the title is no longer available by itself, but is now bundled
with three other titles.  We (jobber and I) have not determined whether
the new publisher or the International Communication Association is
responsible for the bundling of the titles.

I became aware of the change when I received the first issue of one of
the three titles we didn't order and don't want.  I hope the publisher
will let us cancel the whole subscription, which I've asked my jobber to
do asap.

You may want to check your 2006 renewal invoices for this title.

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