CheckPoint security system Morris, Jody 02 Feb 2006 00:23 UTC


I'm looking for some information regarding the CheckPoint Security
Systems relating to CDs and DVDs.  Checkpoint is a radiowave-style
security system.

We have several 'Video Journals' we have just started receiving as DVDs
and have discovered that the security tags are disabled by the metal
inside the DVDs and CDs, meaning anyone can walk out with them.  Has
anyone else encountered this?  What did your library do about it?

Being a small, federal library that supports 2-week classes, we do not
use a computer based checkout system (yup, we do it the old fashioned
way with cards!).  We are currently keeping our DVD and CD collection in
a room behind the circulation desk and students have to ask for them.

Thanks so much!

Jody Morris
Serials Technician
National Emergency Training Center Library
US Fire Administration
(301) 447-1354