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Our bindery puts us on a "90 day watch" before allowing replacement
material to be ordered.  Meanwhile the outgoing automated batch report
is checked to confirm the material was sent as are the incoming packing
lists to see if the material made it to the packing stage...........just
in case the bindery can find no evidence that the material was delivered
to them.  The invoices are also scrutinized to see if we are being
charged for the items.

After that the neighboring libraries that are on our driver's route are
called since, as you suggested, the box may have been left at the wrong
library.  Several missing boxes have been located this way and it is
faster to have the volumes sent directly to us than to wait for them to
return to the bindery and then come back to us (hence the 90 day

Point is, depending on your contract, give them a minimum of 60 days,
but no more than 90 days, have your proof ready (in case you are
questioned) and, while you are waiting, find out what the replacement
costs will be.  But make sure, if the material is declared LOST, that
you have a letter or credit memo from the bindery with the anticipated
dollar amount in your hands before ordering new material.  Good luck.

Nora Edwards
Bindery Clerk

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Hi all,

Our binder (who shall remain nameless) has lost six periodical volumes
from our Health Sciences Library.  They have been AWOL since December
13th (when they were supposed to be returned to us).

I want to give them ample time to try to locate these volumes (which
were likely shipped to another library) but I don't want to wait too

If you have experienced this (it's a first for me!) can you let me know
how you handled it?  Thanks.

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